FlexTC provides a variety of temporary structures capable of nearly infinite configurations. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.


These beautiful silhouette tents with their central peaks and sloping roof lines come in four different sizes and can stand alone or in village groupings.

Alu Hall

Alu Hall

Alu Halls are modular structures which may be extended in increments of 16 feet.

Chalet Dome

Chalet Dome

The Chalet Dome provides a sleek alternative to the more traditional peak roofline.

15m Delta with glass


The Delta is made up of 16 x 16 feet modules which can be combined in nearly unlimited ways.



No enclosed structure would be complete without doors! From single-pull to automatic sliding doors, our options can fit into a range of structure solutions.

White drink rail with tables and chairs in background

Drink Rail




FlexTC can cover your subflooring with functional and aesthetically pleasing carpet, carpet tiles, wood, laminates, vinyl, and exterior decking. Our specialists can assist you in selecting, sizing and installing your floor covering solutions.

High peak tent

High Peak

The High Peak’s distinctive roof makes it an eye-catching choice for a party tent or entrance, coming in an array of sizes to fit any party.

HVAC units connected to temporary structure


FlexTC can provide air conditioning systems and heating units that create a comfortable environment within your event structure. Our climate control units are designed to be as unobtrusive and efficient as possible by managing the temperature control as well as the distribution of the air.

illuminated trees at tent entrance

Illuminated Trees


interior walls

Interior Wall Systems

Some events call for an open expanse, others need individualized spaces. With our interior wall systems, we can create whatever space configuration you need. We’ll help your build-out with our knock-down Modular Walls with laminate and grid style with true swing, lockable piano hinge doors, and power distribution and drop ceilings. Color selections, HVAC distribution and lighting are easily provided in a panel system strong enough to mount large flat panel screens and other items to suit your needs.

Maker's Mark Bourbon tent


The Jumbo offers a huge clear span space suited to any number of events.

Pre-Engineered Modular Flex Unit

Pre-Engineered Modular Flex Units

Flex units are a modular building system composed of sturdy structural steel that are fully insulated and configured to meet your event needs.



The Premier provides a wealth of creative potential which both maximizes the use of available space and provides versatile options with the wide array of additional structures that can be placed on top, making the Premier a truly enhanced structure. 

front outside view of Quonset hut

Quonset Hut

A testament to longevity, the Quonset Hut is available in varying sizes and is built for unyielding durability.

side view of scaffolding


FlexTC maintains an inventory of scaffolding so that we may fulfill your temporary building needs regarding platforms, decking, stairs and staging.



With a width of 10 feet and unlimited length, the Walkway is one of our most flexible structures.

Fast, Flexible Space Solutions! FlexTC provides a variety of temporary structures capable of nearly infinite configurations. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

All of our structures are characterized by comfort, security and functionality. Our quick response and efficient installation is known throughout the industry – in fact, around the world.
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